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Longmont Dairy Farm

Longmont Dairy Farm delivers fresh milk directly to homes along the Front Range. A complete list of delivery areas can be found here.

We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing great milk, from our cows to our customers’ doorsteps. Our dairy is one of the two remaining farms, in Colorado, that sells milk directly to customers.

In 1965, Jim Boyd, Karl Obluda and Reese Boatman joined together to start a small dairy farm in Longmont. Jim brought a great dairy farm background to the business. Reese had experience in bottling and delivery. They produced the best milk possible by feeding the cows well and treating them with the highest standards of care and animal husbandry.

Since making it on a small farm was difficult, they built a bottling plant and started to deliver the milk to local families.

They delivered to the same homes two times each week and offered a full line of dairy products.

Read more about our history.

Home Delivery

There were major changes in the market in the late 1980’s that altered the ability to deliver this way profitably. At this time, the business was transitioned to the next generation. The goal was to keep home delivery, in glass bottles, alive.

The idea of the “speed route” was adopted. Deliveries were made once a week and at night.

To maintain quality, we decided to offer milk produced by only our own cows and bottled in our plant. We used glass bottles, filled, delivered, returned, cleaned, sanitized and filled again. Customers continued to love great fresh milk, produced and bottled locally and delivered to their homes.

With the speed route, Longmont Dairy provides the freshest milk possible. The cows are milked around the clock, the milk is sent from the farm to our processing plant where it is bottled within 24 hours. Then, at about 10:00 p.m., the deliveries start, and milk is on the customers’ doorsteps before breakfast.

Today, the third generation remembers Jim Boyd’s pride in the cows and the milk they produce. The dairy now delivers other quality products, each week, on the milk trucks.








Local, Sustainable Farming, Happy Cows

We believe in local, sustainable farming. We use a carefully planned diet for the cows. They are fed like professional athletes – only the best food will do and it is specially balanced for nutrition. Our pens are large and open, allowing our cows to move around, eat, drink water, and enjoy the Colorado sunshine (or rest in shelter when needed).

We never use artificial growth hormones because it is hard on the cows. This means they produce a little less milk, but are healthier overall, and we think this is the right thing to do.

When a cow is sick, she is treated appropriately – even given antibiotics if needed. During the time a cow is on any medication, she is isolated from the rest of the herd. Each day before the milk is transported from the farm, it is tested for antibiotic residues. This is how we can assure our milk is antibiotic free.

Strong, well treated cows. The best local feed. Processed the same day. Delivered overnight in glass bottles.  Equals Longmont Dairy Farm fresh milk.

Only Longmont Dairy Farm produces Longmont Dairy Milk.


We are always looking for great employees.

Our standards for production and service are the highest. We hire people who like working for a company that puts customers first.  At Longmont Dairy Farm, our employees and customers are like family. Longmont Dairy Farm is rooted in Christian values. We strive to use our God given talents to provide wholesome products, honest service and value to our customers. This means:

  • Our standard is to produce the highest quality milk.
  • We strive to serve our customers beyond their expectations.
  • We intend to provide a safe and pleasant workplace, and reward our team members for achieving the highest quality and service to customers.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. That means that we invite all interested candidates to apply and we try hard to provide a great employment environment for all of our team members, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs. We want both our company and our team members to be successful.

We believe in rewarding our team members for good work, and we offer generous and competitive compensation packages that also include health, dental and vision insurance, life and disability benefits, paid vacations, and retirement plans.


Community Involvement

Longmont Dairy is known throughout the region we serve, as a supporter of community events and education. It’s one way we can give back for the support we have received, over the decades, from our customers.

Our Milk Caps for Mooola program provides money, for otherwise unfunded programs, in over 300 schools throughout the Denver metro area. We also provide in-school educational programs on dairy and nutrition.

We raise money for cancer research each October, by donating a portion of each strawberry milk quart bottle sold to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and are a proud sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House. We participate in many events throughout the Front Range such as Lafayette Oatmeal Festival, local Farmer’ Markets, and community sports events.