We Love Fresh!

Sure our milk is the freshest possible, but fresh roasted coffee is also best for taste.

That’s why we sell local Silver Canyon Coffee in Boulder.

Silver Canyon Coffee is roasted locally, shortly before you receive it, and expertly blended. We offer Premium Medium Roast, a smooth, rich, European style blend of Central and South American coffees, and Premium Dark Roast, a complex and spicy coffee that is smooth, with a hint of sweetness. 12 oz. bags are available as pre-ground or whole beans.

We think freshly roasted coffee with our fresh milk makes spectacular coffee/milk drinks right at home.

Types of Coffee

Espresso- A concentrated beverage made from coffee beans through a special brewing process.  Espresso is brewed by forcing a small amount of very hot pressurized water through compacted coffee. The result is a liquid that is thicker and more caffeinated than traditional brewed coffee.  A serving size is one ounce.

Café au lait- (pronounced O’ le) in America, this is simply coffee with heated milk. The milk is heated so cold milk does not lower the temperature of the coffee. In coffee houses many use a French Press and milk is sometimes steamed. Sugar is added to taste.

Cappuccino- contains steamed milk and espresso with milk foam. The steamed milk is heated to produce a smooth layer of foam. The foam is them poured into espresso.

Cappuccino FreddoThe cold version of a cappuccino. Often topped with cold frothed milk.

Coffee Tips

Foaming Milk for your Coffee
Shake or whisk about a quarter cup of milk in a jar, until it foams, and heat it in the microwave for about 10 -20 seconds to solidify the foam. Dollop foam on top of hot coffee.

The Quick Standbys
The old standbys are to just add great cream, or half and half, into a cup of great coffee as you rush out the door to work. Or, if you want to simulate a café mocha, add chocolate milk or Pro-to-Go to your coffee. In season, we also like Eggnog with coffee!