22nd Annual Poetry Contest Winners

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K-2nd Grade

1st Prize

The Power of Milk
I can jump high
I can jump low
with the power of milk
to make me go.

When I drink milk
I can run
in the fields of hay.

I find energy
to ride around
with milk to help
me pound the ground.

I can jump
I can swing
with all of milk’s
good healthy things.

Candence F., 1st Grade
Jefferson Academy Elementary, Westminster

2nd Prize

Super Gavin
I like baseball
I have a good arm
Cause I drink milk
From Longmont Dairy Farm!

I play hockey
You can’t see it when I shoot that puck
Cause I drink milk
From the Longmont Dairy Truck!

I like to ski
Down the mountain you can’t even see me
Cause I drink milk
From Longmont Dairy!

Gavin G., 2nd Grade
Arapahoe Ridge Elementary, Westminster

3rd Prize

Milk gives me the power to:
Climb………. M ountains
Build……….. I gloos
Play with…. L ego
Fly…………… K ites

Isabel W., Kindergarten
Bear Creek Elementary, Boulder

3rd-5th Grade

1st Prize

What does MILK give me the power to do?
When I drink milk I soar up high
I pass over roof tops
Hello, goodbye

I fly through the air
The wind snapping my hair!
Without a single care

I run like a jaguar
I sing like a whale
Listen as I spin this fantastic tale

Did you know? Can’t you see?
I’m as super as I can be
These are the ways milk powers me!

Rachel K., 5th Grade
Eagle Meadow Academy Homeschool, Dacono

2nd Prize

Milk is the Most Awesomest
Thing in the World
Milk makes me strong
in so many ways.
That’s why I drink milk
all of my days.

I drink it in the morning
before I go to school.
It helps me to learn.
I’m not a fool.

I drink milk at lunch
before I go to play.
It helps me run fast,
so I can get away.

I drink milk at dinner.
I fill up my cup.
It helps my bones grow
for when I wake up!

My mom says it’s healthy,
filled with protein and such.
But I just drink it
because I like it so much!

Ryder M., 3rd Grade
Lois Lenski Elementary, Centennial

3rd Prize

Milk is Power Acrostic Poem
Milk gives me the power for…




Liliana F., 3rd Grade
Stargate School, Thornton

6th-8th Grade

1st Prize

Super Milk!
I’m sure you’ve heard of many heroes
From Wonder Woman to Superman.
But all those heroes are at level zero.
Since without milk
they would not have a single fan!

Milk can make you strong and tough.
Milk has lots of nutrition.
Milk gives you protein
to make you buff.
Milk helps you get through
math and addition.

Milk keeps you on your toes
Ready to compete in any sport.
It keeps you from an afternoon doze.
Milk helps you grow
so you’re not so short!

So when our heroes need power,
Milk is what they drink
Especially if you’re being saved
from a tower
Milk really helps those heroes think!

Milk makes your bones feel just right
Milk is everyone’s favorite drink.
It keeps heroes strong
and ready to fight.
That’s important for heroes,
don’t you think?

Danielle F., 7th Grade
Stargate School, Thornton

2nd Prize

Marvelous milk!
Oh milk,
Oh marvelous milk.
What could I ever do without you,
Oh marvelous milk?
You strengthen my bones
for when I fall.
I feel like I could climb a tree so tall.
I could fly to the moon,
Faster than you blink.
I’ll explore the ocean
in a ship that won’t sink.
I’ll fight a dragon for all I care,
‘Cause I know that my milk
will always be there.
From the cheese in my sandwich,
To the ice cream for desert,
Milk makes me feel strong,
Like I could lift the whole Earth.
And at the end of the day,
when I’m tired and beat,
A warm glass of milk
will help me to sleep.

Dario R., 6th Grade
Erie Middle School, Erie

3rd Prize

The Power of Milk
Your milk gives me power:

It gives me power to have fun
and do well in school
In the summer too, when I’m playing in the pool

Each day I drink many cups
And because of that,
I’m able to do 100 push ups!

I also drink it in winter
when it starts to snow
And when I do, I also start to grow

Milk gives me the power
to do amazing at basketball
And in running cross country,
it helps me not to fall

Finally, I live in Colorado –
such a beautiful state
Many thanks to Longmont Dairy,
for milk is just truly great!

Tristan B., 7th Grade
Prospect Ridge Academy, Broomfield

9th-12th Grade

1st Prize

Milk Power
When I drink milk, I start to see,
My power grow and grow,
Pretty soon I’m going to be,
The greatest superhero.

Milk gives me the power of flight,
I fly around the world,
I bet it is a lovely sight,
To see my cape unfurled.

Milk gives me the strength of a bear,
I’m not even going to lie,
I can carry and throw things
here and there,
And lift stuff very high.

Jumping high is another thing,
That drinking milk gives me,
Jumping through a sky-high ring,
Is something you should see!

The powers of milk
are beyond a doubt,
The greatest that can be,
They will take you
on a brand new route,
And make you laugh with glee.

Anthony K., 12th Grade
Home schooled, Lakewood


1st Prize

Three Glasses A Day Whatever ails you, milk might just be the answer. Drinking milk may even protect you from cancer! It can decrease your risk for multiple sclerosis, Tooth decay, hypertension, heart attack, osteoporosis. Calcium transmits nerve impulses and regulates hormones. It helps blood vessels function and strengthens your bones. Vitamin D can increase fertility and immune system support. It helps improve your mood and is calcium’s cohort. Milk promotes gains in muscle protein making you stronger. And compared to water or sports drinks, it stays with you longer. So post workout, milk is a great way to hydrate. Plus, people who drink milk tend to keep a healthy weight. Milk’s riboflavin will give you healthy, glowing skin. So you see, drinking milk helps you from within. Got milk? There are so many reasons why you should. Pour yourself a glass of milk. It’ll do your body good.

Lisa Caranta

2nd Prize

Milk’s Helping Power Milk starts my day off right as a wife and mother of four; Milk strengthens me every day as I work my legs, arms, and core. Milk feeds my body and brain as I work on our financial book; Milk stabilizes my blood sugar as I plan, shop, and cook. Milk gives me perseverance as I organize and clean; Milk nourishes and satisfies as I keep myself lean.

Alisa Wolf

3rd Prize

The power of milk helps me to RUN:

M ountains

I ntervals

L ong Runs

K eep Training

P ace

O rthotics

W arm Up

E ndurance

R aces

Mandi Wood