Back to School

Means Back to a Good Breakfast Routine
Kids and adults need to Fuel Up, for a busy day, with a nutritious breakfast that provides the energy and nutrients allowing for increased concentration at work and in the classroom.

Skipping Breakfast: Kids of all ages have excuses about why they skip breakfast. If you stay up late and get up early, you wake up too tired or nauseous to eat. So move that bed-time earlier and get up earlier to eat breakfast.

Weight-Gain: Skipping breakfast is more likely to result in weight gain. A study in the journal Pediatrics found that teens who ate breakfast every day had a lower body mass index than teens who skipped breakfast. 22% of breakfast skippers are obese.

Nutrition: Breakfast foods provide fiber in cereals. and calcium and vitamin D in dairy products, helping to build bones and prevent infections and autoimmune diseases.