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Cheesemaking Classes Online

Kate Johnson, owner of “The Art of Cheese,” created online classes for people who are seeking lessons from a seasoned expert but are also too busy or too far away to attend a class in person.

The three online “Cheesemaking Made Easy” classes offer valuable instruction tailored to the skill level of the students. “Cheesemaking 101” is a free 20 minute class that touches on the basics of cheesemaking. “Quick & Easy Cheese” and “Intro to Pressed & Aged Cheeses” are intermediate classes that cost $19.98 individually and offer 50 minutes of instruction. The benefit of these courses is the access you gain to a skilled cheesemaker who also has years of experience instructing clients on the art of making cheese.

Get started making cheese with farm-fresh milk from Longmont Dairy. Your first lesson is free and you will learn about the basic science behind cheesemaking, go over the ingredients and equipment needed, and make a simple ricotta cheese. Click here for the free Cheesemaking 101.

“Quick & Easy Cheese: Chevre, Cottage Cheese and Feta” is a beginner class that teaches how to make three easy cheeses using minimal equipment. Chevre, Cottage Cheese and Feta all use similar ingredients but different techniques. By the end of this class, students will know how to make each cheese and how to create variations on the standard recipes.

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“Intro to Pressed & Aged Cheeses: Queso Fresco and Guido’s Italian Hard Cheese” is an intermediate level class. The first pressed cheese is eaten the same day you make it, while the second is aged before eating. This class also includes instructions on how to wax a wheel of cheese and create your own cheese press.
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Kate Johnson has a passion for teaching others how to make cheese in their own kitchens. She has won many awards for her cheeses and teaches cheesemaking in Longmont, Colorado.

Why Use Longmont Dairy

When making home-made cheese, it is important to choose the best ingredients available to you. Not only does using farm-fresh ingredients enhance the flavor of home-made cheese, it also results in a healthier cheese that you can feel good about serving to your friends and family. Your cheese can only be as good as the ingredients you make it with. Longmont Dairy is farm-fresh and great tasting milk you can trust. What better way to create a delicious homemade cheese than with Longmont Dairy’s farm-fresh milk.