Flood Notices

Dear Friends,

Many people in the Front Range have been greatly affected and their lives will not be normal for a long time. Our hearts go out to them.

We are humbled and so appreciate your concerns for our employees , the cows and your kindness about Longmont Dairy in general. We are committed to the safety of all of our employees. Our employees and cows have been wet but unthreatened by flood waters. The bottling plant remains high and dry as well. However, our trucks were parked in a lot that became 18” of rushing water for a couple of days. We were thankful to retrieve them safely.

As the sun has reappeared the past few days, we have had people driving the routes in the daylight to identify closed roads, hazards and compromised bridges so the night time crew is as safe as possible.

We want to assure you that we will resume regular service and continue to bring fresh milk and other products to your doorstep. We will continue to post on Facebook and send emails to keep you informed about delivery details in your route area. (We also really appreciate your feedback about road closures and details about your neighborhoods).

The hope is that very soon our lives will get back to normal. I pray that while this flood was terrible, the kindness and outreach of the community will be what is remembered.

Take good care of yourselves,


Susan Boyd
Longmont Dairy Farm, Inc