We are doing our best to serve all of you as our customers. We are dealing with a large spike in demand because of the Coronavirus and empty shelves at the grocery stores. As of today, we have stopped signing up new customers for at least the next week and have reassigned staff members to better serve you during this time.


As Longmont Dairy customers, we are asking for your help in managing all of this.


  • Please only order what you need for your family each week. Our cows only produce a fixed amount, but will continue to produce.
  • We will do our best to fulfill your order, however if you have ordered a very large amount, we may not be able to fulfill every item. You will only be charged for what you receive.
  • Please return all glass bottles ASAP. Please empty half-filled bottles into different containers so you can return your LDF bottles at your next delivery. Shortages of bottles will prevent us from making further deliveries.
  • Please make order changes before 2pm by phone, or by 3pm online. For a short period of time, we need to stop ordering changes earlier so our office staff can review orders and the drivers can leave earlier with their fuller trucks.

We appreciate your loyalty, cooperation, and patience, and we intend to do everything we can to maintain your regular orders.