Make a Whirligig

Draw a 4-inch circle on a piece of cardboard. Cut it out. Make two holes, about ⅜ inches from the center. Thread a 2 ½-foot string in and back through the two holes and tie the end. Hold the string so the disk is in the middle. Twirl the disk until the string is wound up. Then pull both ends away from the disk to make it spin. Continue to pull and relax to keep the Whirligig whirling. You can also substitute a large button for the disk.

Make an Apple-Head Doll

Apple dolls originated in early, rural America. Make a couple of apple head faces. They will all look different.
Select a large firm apple and peel. Mix together a solution of 50% salt and 50% lemon juice and coat your apple heads. Carve out the basic features of a face on one side of the apple. Keep features large and simple. Coat with lemon juice mixture. Place the heads in a dry location and turn them every 2 days. It will take about two weeks for the faces to shrivel up or dry them on low heat in the oven. When dried and shriveled up, make a body for the head with a small bottle, a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll as the base.