We support the concept of local sustainability. We transport too many goods across the country, when much can be grown in local and regional areas. The average food product in a market has been transported 1500 miles*. Naturally, this makes sense for oranges or almonds, but Colorado grows many garden crops that can be sold locally. Dairy is another local product that can be delivered just miles from our dairy. We buy locally and regionally grown feed for our cows, process locally and deliver it right to your house.

On average we drive about 50 miles to deliver our milk right to your home, and 175 of your neighbors. We save a lot of oil in the process, and you don’t need to run out for milk!

Sustainable farming is an important part of maintaining the quality of life in our local communities. Put simply, it means that when you buy locally, you are helping to support a viable economy, a healthy environment and a secure food supply. There are many benefits to support sustainable farming. For example, buying directly from local farms reduces the amount of energy required to import food and products from other places. Colorado Proud gives 8 reasons to buy locally produced food on www.colorado.gov. Here is a shortened version of their list:

  1. Enjoy seasonal diversity and regional favorites.
  2. Local products remain fresh and full of nutritional value.
  3. Local produce can be fully ripened, allowing you to enjoy the fullest flavor.
  4. Buying local helps the local economy, maintains jobs and sustains family farms.
  5. Local farmers and ranchers are available to answer your questions about their products.
  6. Supporting local farms and ranches sustains Colorado’s western heritage.
  7. Buying local preserves the character of communities for generations to come.
  8. Supporting local farms helps maintain Colorado’s open space and wildlife habitat.

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