Longmont Dairy Expands Delivery Area in Denver

We were pleased to have a wonderful article written about Longmont Dairy by the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle entitled An Old Fashioned Dairy Coming Our Way. It recalls the old days when doctors made house calls and milk did too. Except that Longmont Dairy has continued to deliver milk to homes for the last half century. And now deliveries are made to the Cherry Creek area, Washington Park and other areas in Denver.

The article reviews some history and highlights of the company including the family that has actively worked on the farm and in the business for over 50 years. The dairy was started in 1965 by Jim Boyd and two partners. Because it is a vertically integrated company, different partners ran the farm, the plant, and oversaw the home milk delivery operation. Son David Boyd and his wife, Susan, took over the operation in the 1980’s and they, in turn, recently sold to the third generation, Dan Boyd and Katie Herrmann, step-siblings who grew up working in various jobs at the dairy.

The article mentioned that there are just two dairy farms left in Colorado that can sell directly to customers. The other one is in Fort Collins.

The pride of Longmont Diary is herd health and treatment, and the fresh milk that is processed and delivered within 48 hours to customers’ porches. Because it is fresher, it tastes great. Delivering it in glass bottles maintains the pure milk taste. Our slogan has been “Fresh, Great Taste, No Waste” for decades, and we make sure we accomplish that every day.

Thanks to the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle for a very nice article. You can read it here: http://glendalecherrycreek.com/2018/03/old-fashioned-dairy-coming-way/

Katie Herrmann