Longmont Dairy Hits the Airwaves

Longmont Dairy employees Lisa and Amy thought that raising money to support the Denver Children’s Hospital was a good cause. They never dreamed that Denver radio show hosts Slacker and Steve, of Alice 105.9, would pay the Dairy’s office a visit. But, that is just what happened on Wednesday, September 5th!

Slacker, originally from Longmont, grew up on LDF milk. In fact, he  couldn’t wait to get a nice cold drink of our ice cold chocolate milk! “I LOVE Longmont Dairy Milk!” He exclaimed! When he learned he could get delivery in Denver he was overjoyed! Everyone got hugs from Slacker and Steve, and had a chance to support the Children’s Miracle Network

Alice 105.9's Slacker and Steve with Longmont Staff


Listen to the show’s radio clips:

Clip 1   (mp3)

Clip 2   (mp3)

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