Longmont Dairy Milk Caps Used For More Than Milk Bottles

checkers1When we started our school support program, Milk Caps for Mooola, we never expected the creativity and enthusiasm from the students. Recently we got a very nice letter from Emma Ryan, who goes to the Parker Core Knowledge School in Parker. Not only did she start the Milk Caps for Mooola program at the school, she has invented a new way to use the caps. She is proud that her school has collected over 5000 milk caps from Longmont Dairy bottles.
Emma has also continued her “capulous” idea called “Playing the Principal.” She has used the caps for checkers, and made two different board ideas. The first is a chalk checker board, and the second is to use an old pillow case, and draw a checker board on one side. The pillow case then also becomes a place to keep the bottle caps. Naturally this is a game where you challenge your principal (or teacher or student, principal not being available) to a friendly game of checkers with, yes, milk caps and perhaps milk and cookies.

checkers2We love the idea, and wanted to pass it along to other schools. One suggestion: be sure to thoroughly wash the caps. Old milk residue will not make the game so pleasant after a few weeks.

Some students have made paper mâché cow heads, with open mouths to eat the caps, as they are collected into a large jar. (Click here to see this story.)  If your school has done fun projects to promote your Milk Caps for Mooola campaign, please email them to us.

The Milk Caps for Mooola school support program is currently used by almost 300 schools along the Colorado Front Range. Each milk cap earns five cents. So many caps have been collected that schools have earned over $100,000 from Longmont Dairy for much needed funding for kids’ programs. Schools use the money for art supplies, extra library books, iPads, and projects where funding has been cut.

If you would like your school to participate, you can click here to go to the general Milk Caps For Mooola page.