Kids Collect Milk Caps for Mooola with Creative Paper Mache Cow


Vanderhoof Elementary School students Andrew (left) and Austin (right) demonstrate how “Moolinda” collects MILK CAPS for MOOOLA.

Elementary students at Vanderhoof School traded their milk caps into profits, thanks to MILK CAPS for MOOOLA, a special program sponsored by Longmont Dairy to help students earn money for local schools. A Vanderhoof student named Andrew first suggested the fundraising program to the school and soon teachers and students eagerly participated, collecting thousands of bottle caps during the 2013-2014 school year. Andrew used his artistic talents to help decorate the bottle cap collection container by making a paper mache cow with art teacher Laurie Counterman.

Over one hundred Vanderhoof School students participated in the MILK CAPS for MOOOLA program through a school-wide cow naming contest to choose a name for the paper mache cow. Each day Moolinda (the name chosen by students) is “fed” the milk caps through an opening in her mouth.

After one year of program participation, Vanderhoof announced that students had collected over six thousand milk bottle caps and have planned to use the funds raised from the collected caps to help purchase an iPad to use in the classrooms.

Over 100 schools have participated in Longmont’s MILK CAPS for MOOOLA from the dairy’s delivery metropolitan Denver area.You can get creative and earn money for your school, too! If you like the creative ideas that Vanderhoof students had, or you want to suggest ideas of your own MILK CAPS for MOOOLA program, we want to know about it! Post your creative photos to Longmont Dairy’s facebook page to show off your creativity.