You gave us lots of smiles!




Contest Rules: The contest is open only to children (ages 2 to 12) of families who are current Longmont Dairy customers.

  • You may enter up to 3 photographs per child (including group photos of no more than 3 children). Each child, whether photographed as an individual or in a group photo, will be considered as one contestant. An individual photograph will win one prize.
  • Photo submissions become the property of Longmont Dairy Farm, Inc. to use as they determine with no additional compensation awarded than stated in the contest rules.
  • Your entry of a photo gives your consent to the contest rules.
  • Prior to be named as a winner, all parents or guardians of children shown in selected finalist photos will be asked to sign a written release, allowing Longmont Dairy to use the photo. At that time, the parent or guardian will authorize how the child’s (children’s) name, age, school, and city name will be used.
  • Photos may, or may not be used in print publications, such as the Mooo News, or online on, or on social media including Facebook.

Milk Mustache Photo Tips: Place ice cream in refrigerator (not the freezer) overnight. Combine 3 parts ice cream to 1 part milk. Stir slowly to blend. Mixture should be thick. You will want to keep your recipe cold so it remains thick. Pour mixture into a small cup and take a sip making sure to dip your lip. Purse your lips as you tip the cup back so the milkshake flows over your lip. Smile for the camera!


Take photos in good lighting—preferably outside in natural light­—and in colorful clothing.