Longmont Dairy Root Beer is creamy and delicious, like a Root Beer Float without the bubbles. It makes a nutritious, summer time dessert or snack.

Longmont Dairy Root Beer Milk is made with all natural ingredients, it’s lower in added sugar than sodas, has no corn syrup, is caffeine free, and is made with fresh, Longmont Dairy 2% milk.

Trying to get your family to drink more fluids this summer?
Longmont Dairy Root Beer Milk is easy to drink and is a nutritious alternative to high fat and high sugar root beer floats or sodas. Kids of all ages will ask for seconds.

We tested three different recipes before we landed on this delicious version. Our taste-testers were excited to recommend our final version.
It’s available only from Longmont Dairy home deliveries.

Picture sitting on a porch, on a star-filled summer night, and talking with friends over chilled glasses of Root Beer Milk. Mmmm! Perfect!