K-2nd Grade

1st Prize
Titus C., 2nd Grade
Thunder Vista, Broomfield

COWabunga Fun
I’m a cow named Cowabunga
I’ve worked at Longmont Dairy for a longa
I have always wanted to go on vacation
because I need more relaxation
I started my vacation on a Boeing 777
my first stop is an Oreo factory it tasted like heaven
next came an all you can eat hay buffet
it tasted moo so good I just wanted to stay
I just didn’t want to miss out on karaoke
this is how I got hungry for gnocchi
then I felt like I should sleep
I peeped around and saw a hotel full of sheep
and now I think it is time to go back home
Longmont Dairy is where I like to Rome
even though my vacation felt so silky
I’d rather be at the Dairy giving milky

2nd Prize
Nolan D., 2nd Grade
Stott Elementary, Arvada

Things Cows Love
Cows love to eat grass.
Cows love to fart methane gas.
Cows love to go slow, not fast.
Cows give milk, so my school gets cash!
Cows love to go “MOO!”
Sad cows cry “BOO-HOO!”
Cows that sneeze say “ACHOO!”
Other cows respond “BLESS YOU!”
Cows love to be outside.
Cows love to play seek and hide.
Jump on cow, get a ride.
Little cow skinny, big cow wide.
Cows love peace, not a row-
fight with them; you get plowed!
Cow stepped on my foot—OW!
Cows love me, I love cows.

3rd Prize
Cosette F., 1st Grade
Teller Elementary, Denver

Things Cows Love Haiku
Baby cows love milk
Mommy cows love baby cows
Dad cows love coffee

3rd-5th Grade

1st Prize
Nathan S., 4th Grade
Superior Elementary, Superior

Soccer with Cows
Cows entered the field of play.
Boundaries were lined with hay.
Jerseys worn green,
white was Holstein.
Soccer—the game of the day.
White ran down to the goal.
Holsteins were in control.
Bessie took a shot.
Green with a block!
The ball continued to roll.
Jerseys were quick with their feet.
Offense was bringing some heat!
They can’t do headers.
(Horns would be shredders).
Hooves are how they compete.
The crowd was all goats and sheep,
standing eight animals deep.
Ref was the chicken
she said “times a’ticken.”
“Don’t worry, there’s time.” said the Keep.
The clock was ticking down fast!
Green scored at last!
They turned to the crowd,
smiled, mooed, bowed.
Soccer with cows is a blast.

2nd Prize
Zander W., 5th Grade
Lafayette Elementary, Lafayette

Things Cows Love
Hello, I’m a cow and my name’s Jess.
If I don’t get my grass, I’m quite a mess.
Some bulls and studs say I’m sassy,
But all I want is good old grassy.
I have a calf and her names’ Molly;
When she gets hay, she’s very jolly.
She loves to sleep and will sleep all day;
She can smell up to 6 miles away.
Since we both have many stomachs and eat all day,
When the day is over, we hit the hay.
When Thursday comes, it’s time for milking;
I make cheese, butter, and ice cream for licking.
Our 330 degree vision is more than cool.
Seeing almost everything makes us cows rule!.

3rd Prize
Lilly A., 3rd Grade
Faith Christian Academy, Arvada

Well, I think cows like hay, mooing, and hey, don’t forget about the chewing!
They also like when the crows start cooing.
In their past time, the cows do a lot of pooing!
They also love when the wind starts blowing.
They enjoy listening to the farmers mowing.
Even though they delight in water, they can’t do a lot of rowing.
Thanks for listening to my story, now it is time for me to get going.

6th-8th Grade

1st Prize
Kian F., 7th Grade
Homeschool, Arvada

The Sound of Moosic
To the tune of My Favorite Things
Raindrops on clover and wide open spaces,
Bright colored daisies and grassy filled places,
Romping and mooing all through the spring,
These are a few of a cow’s favorite things.
Green colored pastures and corn stalks for eating,
Carrots and apples and orange pumpkin treating,
Fun time that we have while feeling like queens,
These are a few of a cow’s favorite things.
Barns in the winter with alfalfa stashes,
Haylofts are stuffed full of winter food caches,
Black and white Holsteins that can’t wait for spring,
These are a few of a cow’s favorite things.

2nd Prize
Aaliyah S., 6th Grade
Fox Ridge Middle School, Aurora

Cows love fields of green and blue, Where they graze and moo and chew.
They love the sun that warms their back, And the shade of trees to rest and nap.
Cows love fresh water from the stream, And rolling hills to roam and dream.
They love the breeze that blows their hair, And the scent of flowers in the air.
Cows love the sound of their own herd, And the sight of calves, small and blurred.
They love the bond that they all share, And the love that they all declare.
Cows love the farmer who tends their land, And the gentle touch of his hand.
They love the barn where they are fed, And the soft straw that forms their bed.
Cows love simple things in life, Free from worry and from strife.
They love the joy that nature brings, And the peace that comes from simple things.

3rd Prize
Kaity C., 6th Grade
Stuart Middle School, Commerce City

Things Cows Love to Do
I am a cow, mooo!
These are the things that I love to dooo:
I love to lay in the sun.
I love to play and have fun.
I love to graze on dandelions and grass.
Some people blame climate change on my gas.
You can find me standing or walking for 2-3 hours per day,
But laying down is truly my forte.
The best part about being a cow is my milk.
It tastes like a dream, more precious than silk.
It’s so delicious and creamy, it’s true
And when I’m milked I love to share it with yooo!

9th-12th Grade

1st Prize
Scarlette V., 12th Grade
Ralston Valley High School, Arvada

What Cows Love
Wild spring flowers spring up in spring green fields,
Hay dried and baled tight in the yard over,
Apples whole, maybe in a bowl, not peeled,
The fences painted a shade of dover.
Calves amongst the hardy herd heard the hum
Of the farmer and wife who own the land.
While mixing up the buckets of cow chum,
Someone calls the herd; ready milking pans.
Little clumps of clover, hordes of hay
Overcome the floor of the milking barn.
Vibrant white milk fills pans as the cows sway.
Every moo munching mash; milk freshly warm.
’Tis the joyful life of cows on a farm.

2nd Prize
Amelia P., 10th Grade
Monarch High School, Louisville

At night,
It’s the glow of the moon that a cow loves most.
Silver shimmer glinting off the edges of the barn.
During daytime,
A cow delights in the presence of posies and poppies.
Unfurling petals fill the air with a peaceful calm.
But mostly,
At any time of day,
It’s the cows that the cows love above all.
Their brothers chewing cud right next to them,
Their mothers protecting them from strangers.
Their friends strolling through the fields with them,
Their children growing and learning together.
Though their spots may be different, the cows are a family.
They admire the beauty of the moon.
They stop and smell the flowers.
Because together is what they love most.

3rd Prize
Evelyn H., 9th Grade
Centaurus High School, Lafayette

Moo May Say
You may say that grass and hay would get old, after so many days.
But you’d be mistaken, for I am a cow, 
that has come to enjoy chewing alfalfa and grain. 
You may think it’s crazy,
that we never grow tired of grazing and lazing in the sunshine all day.
But maybe next Friday, you should stop by,
for a glass of milk and a big bowl of rye. 
To watch Bessie, the electric guitar playing cow,
perform the grooviest cover of old McDonald. 
Certainly the best Moosic in town. 
After a long night of dancing to Bessie’s electric tunes
Unwinding in the sun, chewing our cud
Is quite relaxing.