K-2nd Grade

1st Prize
Jackson R., 2nd Grade
Goldenview Classical Academy, Golden

If My Cow Went to the Olympics
If my cow went to the Olympics it would play some soccer.
When she tried to make a goal another cow would block her.
When her team made a goal the other fans all shouted, “BOOO!”
And her team all shouted, “MOOO!”
It was Longmont against the Royals and Longmont was in the lead.
When a cow shouted, “BOOO” it caused a stampede.
Longmont won and came home with medals.
The Royals lost and rode home on their tiny pedals.

2nd Prize
Rishi P., 2nd Grade
American Academy @ MB, Parker

If My Cow “MINDY” Went to the Olympics
Summer MOO-lympics are you ready ?
To welcome my dear MINDY!
With big dreams of MOO-lympics gold!
She walks in MOO-ing loud and bold.
MINDY can eat them all before they turn the hourglass!
She wins with grace,
And licks my face.
Jumps into the pool, MOO-ing
For game two “SWIMMING.”
I taught her to swim, flip, and splash.
She did all that in a flash.
Out she came as a winner.
That’s when I heard my mom call me for dinner.
HA HA it was all my daydream!
But my MINDY can do more than milk and cream.
She gets a gold to be my BEST FRIEND
To my MOO-lympics daydream.

3rd Prize
Noelle J., Kindergarten
Coyote Hills Elementary, Aurora

My Pretty Cow in the Olympics
My cow will win when she twirls.
My cow will win when she swirls.
Oh, how I love my cow!
She is always so pretty, especially right now.
She makes rainbows when she walks.
She makes you smile when she talks.
I know if she goes to the Olympics this year,
I will be sure to shed a tear.
I know she will win,
She will win when she does her spin.

4th Prize
Davey R., 2nd Grade
Homeschool, Loveland

If My Cow Went to the Olympics
If my cow went to the Olympics,
I would watch her on TV.
How great would that be
To watch her on TV.
She would try archery first,
But she was cursed,
She can’t hold the bow,
Because her grip isn’t great,
Which would humiliate.
She couldn’t roller speed skate,
Because she kept on falling,
She fell in a crate
That a tractor was hauling.
She couldn’t play basketball,
Because she couldn’t dribble,
The ref made a call,
Then she started to quibble.
She found flag football,
That was her sport,
She always won,
because they couldn’t get her flag,
It was fun in the sun,
She’s the best, so now I can brag.

3rd-5th Grade

1st Prize
Zadie N., 4th Grade
Blue Mountain Elementary, Longmont

If My Cow Went to the Olympics
If to the Olympics went my cow
I would really wonder how.
He can’t jump ropes, or swim laps,
or jump in itchy burlap sacks.
He has been a couch potato
since the early days in the cradle.
He really didn’t want to compete
or be considered a type of meat.
And then later as a calf,
he would only finish half
of his chores assigned to him
and make excuses on a whim.
If my cow went to the Olympics,
it’d have to be for something new.
Like eating chips and drinking milk
and relaying for the loudest moooooooo!

2nd Prize
Sanibelle F., 5th Grade
Arma Dei Academy, Highlands Ranch

My Cow Went to the Olympics
I have a cow
Who can run so fast
So, I signed him up for the Olympics
I hope he’ll have a blast
Now if you’re training for the Olympics
It can be scary
But not if you’re training
At the great Longmont Dairy
We practice out in the yard
For milking, jumping, running, and more
He perfects the events like a champion
And he fights through the sore
When he finally got to the great Olympics
He won many games
After each win he did a big happy dance
Because he had conquered and gained
I’m proud of my triumphant cow
For he earned an Olympic win
But now he is tired.
Hush. so he can sleep in.

3rd Prize
Charlotte R., 3rd Grade
Homeschool, Firestone

Flexible Cow
I made it to the Olympics in Paris, France.
I was so excited, I wiggled and danced.
Gymnastics is my competing event,
A little nervous my hooves felt like cement.
I’m the only competing cow,
I was born flexible, I don’t know how!
I jumped upon the balance beam,
That’s when my body begin to lean.
Twists and turns, splits, and flips,
That’s when I heard my leotard rip.
I stuck the landing and stood there bold,
To my surprise, I won the gold.

4th Prize
Lilly A., 4th Grade
Faith Christian Academy, Arvada

Mooving and Grooving
My cow can really moooove,
And she can really groooove.
My cow can dance,
And she can also prance.
My cow is not mean,
That’s why she’ll be in the floor routine.
She’ll start off with a flip,
And I hope she doesn’t trip.
Then she’ll jump so high,
That she will touch the sky.
Next she’ll float back down,
Lightly touching the ground
She’ll take her final bow,
And know she’s the winning cow!
Everyone will cheer,
She’s winning gold this year!
I hope you liked my poem,
I wrote it from my home.

6th-8th Grade

1st Prize
Anna B., 8th Grade
Altona Middle School, Longmont

If my cow went to the Olympics,
She would have to go on Ozempic.
Along with a rigorous training plan,
With her trainer, Stan the Man.
Once there, everyone would stare,
And all the cows would moo, ‘Unfair!’
My cow responded, ‘I don’t care! I am here to win, so let us begin!’
She knew she would have to do her best,
To beat the rest.
She ran as hard as she could,
But the Ozempic did her no good.
She won nevertheless,
Because she still did her very best.

2nd Prize
Lily J., 6th Grade
Infinity Middle School, Aurora

What a Disaster!
If my cow went to the Olympics, what a disaster it would be!
She doesn’t even know to spin!
I’m not betting that cow would win.
No need to be rude, that’s my guarantee.
Some say they disagree.
Well, to respond, I can’t see where to begin,
I just bet some money with a huge grin!
My cow just wants fame, you see.
Oh how did I stress,
When my cow came with this news!
I’ll never know why she stared with such amuse.
Eventually, I agreed to let her go with a yes.
If my cow went to the Olympics, what a disaster it would be!
I shouldn’t have ever let her go.
Why couldn’t I’ve just said ‘no?’

3rd Prize
Luke W., 8th Grade
Homeschool, Broomfield

Cow Moon Jumping at the Olympics
The laughing little dog was in attendance to watch his favorite sport
While the dish and the spoon naturally decided to deport
Longmont, the biggest cow with the kindest heart was in third place
Although he knew that cows were notoriously bad jumpers he was determined not to be a disgrace
Longmont patiently waited for the cat to play the fiddle to signal the time to take his jump
Elated, he took off from the starting line and leaped, closing his eyes and landing with a big thump
Cheers echoed out at the Dairy Farm Olympics as Longmont realized he had won.
The dairyman approached him with a medal to hang around his neck, While smiling, to show all that’s how it’s done.

4th Prize
Oz D., 7th Grade
D’Evelyn Junior High, Denver

If My Cow Went to the Olympics
If my cow went to the Olympics He’d enter the high jump
He’d leap up over the moon
And he’d land on a tree stump
My cow would get the golden medal Shining like the stars
Then he’d remember his jump, too When he went to see Mars
And so my cow would stay up at night Looking up at the sky
He’d say “I’ll never miss that place”
But we all knew it was a lie
So we took him in our spaceship
And returned him to the Moon
He’d laugh and cry as he watched us down here
And said “I promise I’ll come back soon”