White Milk

White Milk

As proud owners of both our cows and manufacturing plant, we guarantee the utmost quality in our milk products for your family. Our vigilant care and monitoring ensure the well-being and health of our cows, without the use of supplemental growth hormones (BGH). With daily milking and processing, we swiftly deliver the freshest milk to your doorstep. Available in Whole, 2%, 1%, and Skim Milk varieties in half-gallon and quart sizes.

Flavored Milk

All flavored milk is made in-house and is available in quarts. Chocolate Milk and Strawberry Milk are available Seasonal Milksyear-round.

  • Vanilla-Mint Milk – Available February through April.
  • Root Beer Milk – Available May through July.
  • Orange Cream Milk – Available August through October.
Have any additional flavor ideas? Email us at customerservice@longmontdairy.com!

Pro-to-Go Milk


Experience the power of our Pro-to-Go protein-fortified milk, packing 14 grams of protein into each 8 oz. glass. Ideal for busy adults, active teens, and growing children as a convenient meal replacement or a powerful protein boost. Available year-round in quarts of Vanilla and Chocolate flavors. Explore the benefits of Protein here.