Eggland’s Best Classic, Grade A, White Eggs (Large) are produced by hens who are fed a vegetarian diet including wholesome grains, canola oil, rice bran, alfalfa, sea kelp and Vitamin E. There are no added hormones, antibiotics or steroids, and no animal by-products, recycled, or processed foods.

This superior hen diet helps Egglands’ eggs stay fresher longer, have 10 times more Vitamin E, 4 times more Vitamin D, 3 times more Vitamin B12 , 38% more Lutein, 25% less Saturated Fat and more than double the Omega-3s of ordinary eggs. Eggland’s Best white eggs are sold in 100% recyclable polystyrene cartons.

Country Cream Butter - Salted

Everything just tastes better when you cook with the real thing! There is nothing like real butter…its rich flavor takes everything to a whole new level. You will not be disappointed.

Grassland Spreadable Butter - Salted

Grassland Spreadable Butter gives you the rich taste of butter plus the convenience of a soft spread. It’s made with cream, canola oil and salt. Delicious on potatoes and vegetables.

Unity Butters

Unity Butter is a former chef husband and wife duo that lovingly handcrafts each butter product in small batch fashion. Their butter is hand churned, pressed, mixed, and packaged. They source as many local Colorado ingredients as possible. From the cream to the honey, garlic and more. Items are packaged in 100% compostable materials outside of the wax paper. This butter is made with higher fat content cream, with no hormones or RSBT added, so the texture is creamier with a richer taste. Available in Salted Butter, Garlic Butter, Honey Butter and Cinnamon Sugar Butter.