Fresh Baked Bread

Loaves are made with non-GMO certified, chemical free flours from Wheat Montana, and other wholesome ingredients. Just like Grandma used to bake! Delicious as toast with butter, or in sandwiches. Convenient, when it’s delivered, for packing lunches. Locally baked following recipes that were inspired by baker Camby who grew up on a wheat and sugar beet farm in southeastern Idaho. Her mother taught her to bake at an early age, and bread was always homemade and fresh. Try Country White, Whole Wheat Honey, and Banana Bread. Each loaf is sliced and about 1 lb 9 oz for Whole Wheat, 1 lb 7 oz for Country White and 1 lb 3 oz for specialty breads.

Monthly Specialty Breads
Month Bread
January Orange Cranberry
February Chocolate Chip Brownie
March Snickerdoodle
April White Chocolate Blueberry
May Banana Chocolate Chip
June Lemon
July White Chocolate Raspberry
August Cinnamon Peach Cobbler
September Zucchini
October Cinnamon Caramel Apple
November Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
December Braided Cinnamon

Product Details

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