Flavored Milks

Chocolate Milk

Our standards for velvety goodness become obvious the first time you taste our Chocolate Milk. Try some today and see why kids beg for a glass for dessert, and why teens don’t have to be convinced to make it their energy drink of choice. Some say our chocolate milk should come with a warning—you can’t order it just one time!

Strawberry Milk

Our delicious Strawberry Milk is made with 2% milk, natural ingredients, and no red coloring. It tastes like fresh strawberries and cream in a bottle and is refreshing until the last drop. Makes a great, afternoon snack. Plus, Strawberry milk counts towards your weekly minimum order.

Vanilla Mint Milk

Try our new Vanilla Mint Milk. Made from 2% milk, it is rich and creamy with just the right combination of sweetness and fresh flavors. Available in March and April.

Root Beer Milk

Longmont Dairy Root Beer Milk is creamy and delicious, like a Root Beer Float without the bubbles. It makes a nutritious, summer time dessert or snack. Made with natural ingredients, it’s lower in added sugar than sodas, has no corn syrup, is caffeine free and is made with fresh, Longmont Dairy 2% milk. Available in June and July.

Orange Cream Milk

Creamy and delicious, like an orange creamsicle in a bottle. It makes a nutritious dessert or snack. Made with 2% milk and natural ingredients. Available in August and September.